Industrial & aerospace Paint Booth Installation

Booth Right is a registered distributor of every aerospace and industrial paint booth by SprayTech. We are committed to providing the best price, the best service, and the best ongoing maintenance for our customers.

What We Do

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Booth Installation

We work with your structural engineers and tradesmen to retrofit your building then install your new paint booth.

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Booth Service

We handle ongoing service, upgrades, and repairs through our maintenance department.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and to help stop the spread through the community, we are limiting unnecessary in-shop visits.

Open Face industrial paint booth

Booth Right offers a complete line of open face industrial booths in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet every need and application.

We proudly install top of the line Spray Tech / Junair open face paint booths for our industrial clients. These booths are specifically designed for exhausting dust, harmful vapors, and paint fumes from your shop environment.

The Junair open-faced spray booths feature:


  • Filtration system traps the over-spray so it does not enter the shop environment.
  • A single-stage filtration system for clean spraying operations
  • Constructed with 18-gauge galvanized steel
  • Includes, caulking, nuts, bolts, and colour corrected light bulbs
  • All open face booths are ETL listed
  • An optional control panel system
  • Optional air solenoid valve, bulbs, and crating
  • Optional automatic roof ventilator

Truck paint Booths

Booth Right installs high-quality Spray Tech Junair truck paint booth enclosures for larger vehicles and equipment. Junair is the industry leader in manufacturing larger-size spray booths for trucks, oversized vehicles, and large equipment.

With these state-of-the-art truck paint booth enclosures, you can ensure superior fit and finish. Our team of expert technicians will make sure that your new truck paint booth is installed properly, guaranteed.

Junair truck booths will reduce your energy costs by employing only the highest engineering standards. Booth Right also offers you upgrade packages, additional sizes or configurations for your shop’s custom needs.

Large Spray-Tech Junair paint booths are used by experts in the truck industry. These advanced booths are engineered to function optimally in both indoor and outdoor environments. This will allow you to save valuable space inside your shop.

Features of the Junair truck paint booths include:

  • Single wall panel construction of g-90 galvanized steel
  • Insulated paint booth options available
  • Double layer 14-gauge stiffeners assembled with carriage bolts
  • The 42″ tube axial fans providing 45 linear feet per minute downdraft air movement
  • Booths use downdraft diffusion media in the ceiling with intake plenum.
  • Air make-up/heaters, blowers and control panels optional
  • Crating and light bulbs included
  • (36) 20″ x 20″, class 2 intake filters
  • 4-tube, t-8, 32-watt, fluorescent light fixtures with mirrored reflectors
  • Electronic ballasts & daylight corrected bulbs
  • Direct drive blower/10HP/15,200 CFM*
  • A 12′ exhaust duct kit with a damper style exhaust cap — does not include flashing

Aircraft Spray Booths

Booth Right builds airplane booths and custom finishing environments that are tailored to your business needs. Our spray booth experts can build a spray booth that will accommodate anywhere from smaller two-seat high wings, up to Boeing 747’s.

Booth Right offers two different types of aircraft options for your aircraft spray booth:


Crossdraft paint booths are the most common type of aircraft paint booths installed today. With a crossdraft aircraft spray booth, the air flows from end to end in a crossdraft booth, matching the natural flow of air across the aircraft. This type of airflow provides perfect quality finishes.


The downdraft aircraft spray booth is the best airflow style available, offering a world-class finish. Downdraft spray booths allow gravity to pull overspray to a pit in the floor. Downdraft aircraft booths can be designed to fit a specific plane, resulting in optimal airflow and overall efficiency. Booth Right advises that your downdraft aircraft spray booth is planned early on in your facility design.


When space allows, Booth Right can install hanger inserts for your refinishing operations. These inserts are constructed inside your hanger and only require a connection to the utilities. Choose Booth Right for your aircraft paint booth inserts when you want your aircraft painting inside the facility.


When you choose Booth Right to build your hybrid aircraft paint booth, the walls of your hanger will hold the booth ceiling. Doing so allows existing walls to be integrated into the booth design, allowing you to save money on materials and labour.

Booth Right will work with your architect to integrate your aircraft paint booth needs with the overall construction. When deciding on new construction, Booth Right advises that you plan your construction and paint booth needs at the same time.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and to help stop the spread through the community, we are limiting unnecessary in-shop visits.

Mix Rooms

A designated mix room gives your technicians a clean environment to mix their product and prep materials.

Booth Right will set up your mix room allowing your paint rep to then supply all your needed tools and equipment.

We offer you flexible design options to cover your material storage needs, including a clean travel space between booths.

Specifications and features of our mix rooms include:

  • Supplied with interior lighting.
  • White powder-coated galvanized steel interior and exterior
  • Quiet reverse inclined exhaust blower
  • 4-tube light fixtures
  • Personnel door w/ window
  • An interior height of 8”
  • Daylight corrected light bulbs
  • A 10″ insulated duct kit – 12′ round duct, damper cap (ARV)
  • Built-in spill containment (4″)
  • Adjustable interior ceiling height up to 10’4″
  • External 10′-6″ height
  • Electrical change from 3 phase to single phase

Prep Stations

A Junair prep station will help increase productivity in your shop and help you create a focused, organized work environment inside each individual booth.

The Junair prep stations installed by Booth Right feature:

  • Interior accessible light fixtures
  • Heavy-duty 40-mil curtains
  • Easy to use operator interface
  • Optional make-up air unit
  • Optional heating system
  • Available in semi down, and downdraft styles

A Junair prep station can offer your shop the features of a complete spray booth while maintaining the flexibility of a prep station.



The Junair quality air distribution system (QUADS) works to disrupt the regular airflow of the booth. QUADS force the air to move around the entire vehicle from all angles, rather than just a downward or crossflow.

Features of the Junair quality air distribution include:

  • Flexible design allows for installation on any booth
  • Gain a flash-off time of 3-7 min for solvent or waterborne basecoat
  • Eases bottlenecking at the paint stage for overall shop productivity
  • Adjustable nozzles allow technicians to paint panels off the vehicle
  • Reduces the need for fast activators
  • Energy costs are cut by up to 40%
  • Booth cycle times reduced by 35%

Trust the experts at Booth Right to install your Junair quality air distribution system.

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